The benefits of hardwood flooring

Any carpenter in Hitchin or Letchworth will vouch for the ability of classic and elegant wooden flooring to transform the aesthetic and feel of any room. For centuries, wood floor designs have been a staple in many properties, grand and small, and contemporary wooden floors still provide all of the same great benefits for both the carpenter and the homeowner.

Simple installation for an experienced carpenter

The good news for homeowners in Hitchin and Letchworth is that hardwood flooring is milled to provide a consistent fit that is effortless for professionals to install.

Keeping hardwood flooring clean is simple

Hardwood flooring isn’t a beacon for particles of dust in the same way as carpets, so sweeping, mopping and maintaining a dry surface is all the maintenance it should need.

Beautiful aesthetics

Wood has an immutable look that lends a feeling of timelessness to a room. No matter the style or finish of wood, it creates a sense of warmth and quality that other flooring options can’t.

Floors that can span generations

If adequately manufactured and processed to specific standards hardwood flooring can withstand heavy use and last for decades. Rather than replacing the wood, a skilled carpenter can refinish the flooring to restore it to its original glory. It also provides an excellent investment for homeowners in Hitchin and Letchworth. High-end, well-installed hardwood flooring can be a useful bargaining tool in increasing the value of a property and the chances of it selling sooner.

Wide variety

There are a considerable amount of finishes, stains and styles of wood flooring available. For expert guidance on which would be the most suitable option for your home contact D Britton Carpentry.