Is custom carpentry work worth the investment?

Carefully crafted and fitted joinery is an essential part of the function and style of your home. Woodwork is the specialised skill of a carpenter, and adding custom carpentry creates that personalised look in a home. It is sometimes associated with higher-end homes, but anyone can enjoy bespoke carpentry work as it tends to be more reasonably priced than you think! Custom carpentry allows our clients to maximise all spaces or simply upgrade existing ones.

Custom cabinets for the best use of space…

You have numerous options of woods and styles in order to create cabinets that are ideally suited to your taste and space. Whether you need new bathroom storage, a built in entertainment system or shelving for the bedroom, bespoke woodwork allows you to tailor make your requirements. You could emulate antique styles, or go for a more contemporary look, the choice is yours. Why not build some extra deep drawers, or maybe slender cabinets will do the job. Experienced and creative carpentry work is not only practical, but it gives that ‘wow’ factor too.

Remodelling Work

If you are thinking of home renovations, a carpenter can also play a crucial role. You may find that templated / mass produced options may not fit into your house and that’s when an experienced carpenter can make every piece fit exactly how and where you want.

Environmental friendliness

It doesn’t matter what the size, shape or colour of the room is, custom cabinets are an ideal way to create that dream home. Wood doesn’t just look good – it is non-toxic, renewable and biodegradable. You can rest assured that cabinets are not harming the environment and are recyclable too.

Whether your goal is to increase storage space in your bedrooms, maximise cabinet space in your kitchen or bathroom or adding specialised trim pieces to your stairs / doorways, hiring a professional carpenter will give you all the options you need. We are local carpenters covering Letchworth, Hitchin, Shefford and surrounding areas. Please contact us for free, professional and friendly advice on any aspect of your home improvements.