Kitchen trends with bespoke carpentry in 2021

As we begin the descent from 2020, we have started to focus on some of the future trends in kitchen installation and how bespoke cabinetry can play a significant role. Below we’ll explain how bespoke designs in your kitchen installation in Shefford can help provide space, style and practicality.

Compact designs

For kitchen spaces that lack the necessary dimensions to incorporate all of the hallmarks of a modern kitchen, bespoke cabinetry can deliver the compact features you require. Dedicating one side of the kitchen to cabinets can transform a cramped space into something that provides the practicality and functionality you need.

Hidden appliances

One of the most prominent trends of recent years in Shefford and the rest of the UK and continuing in 2021 is the use of cabinetry to hide all of the new appliances we will all be using. Whether it is for a dishwasher, microwave or the kettle, woodworking that enables the kitchen installation to conceal appliances and declutter work surfaces will be in high demand.

Smart storage

For 2021, people will be looking for clean lines, decluttered worktops and an abundance of smart storage ideas that will enable cooks to grab ingredients quickly while maintaining a sense of order. Homeowners looking for bespoke cabinets, drawers and racking, to provide concealed storage will be at the vanguard of kitchen installation in 2021.
If you live in Shefford and are looking for a professional carpentry service to transform your kitchen into a contemporary and compact oasis, get in touch today.